GMP Manufacturing Services

GMP Manufacture of Virus-Based and Protein-Based Products

The path to market for new medicines is often fraught with highly technical challenges, not the least of which is development of a robust, scalable manufacturing process producing safe and effective product that meets global regulatory requirements.

Many different facets of product development must come together to create a successful manufacturing strategy. At ABL, our clients benefit from our 30-year history of GMP production. With facilities located in the U.S. (Rockville, MD) and Europe (Strasbourg, France), we offer a comprehensive list of services for translating promising research into GMP supply. ABL is capable of manufacturing preclinical and clinical material.

ABL is focused on providing quality contract manufacturing services for biologics production of vaccines, gene therapies, oncolytics, and monoclonal antibodies and other therapeutic proteins. Using single-use bioreactor technology and other disposable systems, ABL reduces client expenses by decreasing time in suite, mitigating the risk of product carryover, and minimizing the need for expensive cleaning validation studies.

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Quality Systems

ABL’s U.S. location adheres to Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) standards and is ISO 9001 accredited. ABL Europe’s facility is regularly inspected by the French regulatory authorities (ANSM) and is a GMP licensed site for the manufacture of drug substance and aseptically prepared small volume liquid (drug product) viral products in accordance with EMA regulations..

ABL welcomes client audits and keeps a permanent audit record detailing each audit performed, results, corrective actions taken, and follow up verification of the final outcome.