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Maria Grazia Ferrari, Ph.D.

Pegu, P, Vaccari, M, Gordon, S, Keele, B, Doster, M, Guan, YJ, Ferrari, G, Pal, R, Ferrari, M, Whitney, S, Hudacik, L, Billings, E, Rao, M, Montefiori, D, Tomaras, G, Alam, M, Fenizia, C, Lifson, ZJ, Stablein, D, Tartaglia, J, Michael, N, Kim, J, Venzon, D, Franchini, G.  Antibodies with high avidity to the gp120 envelope protein in protection from SIVmac251 acquisition in an immunization regimen that mimics the RV-144 Thai Trial.  J Virol (in press).

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